Trail Manager

Friends of the Katy Trail
March 22, 2022
3102 Maple Avenue Suite 230, Texas
Job Type


Title: Trail Manager

Reports to: Director of Operations

Hours: Part time; 20-30 hours/week primarily on the Trail; some afternoon hours to meet contractors and few evening/weekend hours for special events

Salary: $20-$25 per hour, commensurate with experience

Timing: Start date early April

The Trail Manager is involved in all aspects of Katy Trail excellence. Charged with maintaining and enhancing Dallas’ beloved landmark, The Trail Manager is responsible for the overall general maintenance and appearance of the Katy Trail while maintaining a friendly, positive, and safe environment for all trail goers.

What are the major duties and responsibilities of the job position?

  • This role includes coordination with contractors that assist in technical maintenance of the Trail, including electricians, landscapers, police, city employees, and irrigation specialists.
  • The Trail Manager communicates with office personnel on a regular basis to update on specific issues taking place on the Trail, such as downed trees, crimes, graffiti, homelessness issues, safety issues, and provides stories or pictures about positive things taking place on the Trail.
  • The Trail Manager drives an electric golf cart on the Trail as an efficient means to carry out his/her duties and carries supplies and equipment needed to do the job.
  • The trail manager is the primary representative and point of contact on the Trail itself. As the trail representative, this includes talking to trail goers and answering questions, educating them on the Friends of the Katy Trail organization, and allowing trail goers to see all the positive and exciting things the Trail has to offer. The trail manager also solicits or receives feedback or concerns from trail goers and addresses those issues or forwards them to office personnel for proper action.
  • The Trail Manager must have the ability to analyze and assess a negative situation and fix it or coordinate with outside contractor organizations to address the issue. Being proactive is extremely important in this role. This includes but is not limited to electrical and lighting issues, irrigation and landscape issues, criminal issues, trash and litter issues, graffiti removal, downed tree or shrub issues, water fountain and dog receptacle issues, and any safety issues that need to be addressed.
  • When new issues arise, the Trail Manager seeks out and coordinates with office personnel and new contractors that are needed and assists in coordinating costs and repairs. Being reliable and self-motivated with a keen eye for detail is vital in this job.
  • New situations arise on the Trail on a regular basis. Flexibility and an interest in solving problems is essential.
  • Daily communication and reporting to the Director of Operations.

What are the minimum experience qualifications required for the job position?

A high school education is required. A college degree is a plus but not required. General handy man experience is highly desirable. A general working knowledge and use of garden tools and general mechanical tools (including small battery or gas powered tools) is highly desirable. The ability to speak Spanish is a plus but not required. The Trail Manager should have the manual dexterity and physical stamina necessary for the work.

What are the key competencies required for the job position?

The Trail Manager must have the analytical skills to see a situation, assess the issue, and fix or recommend a fix to an issue as soon as is practical. Interpersonal skills are also a significant requirement, as the trail manager will be talking to many trail goers on a regular basis on all types of different issues. The trail manager must use his interpersonal skills to speak to trail goers from all walks of life inquiring about issues related to the Trail and at times those issues that are outside of the Trail purview. As such, tact and diplomacy play a significant role in maintaining positive care on the Trail. The Trail Manager must also have the ability to evaluate proposals or recommendations from contractors and provide input to management to assist in making financial or efficient decisions. The Trail Manager must have computer or smart phone skills to navigate through some automated systems such as the SmartLinks irrigation system, and to communicate via email or text with office personnel or contractors.

Are there any physical requirements for the job position?

Employee must have the ability to walk short and long distances on a frequent basis and occasionally lift objects up to 25 pounds. They must also have the ability to bend and reach objects on a frequent basis. They must also have the ability to safely and patiently operate a golf cart on a narrow trail and navigate through runners, walkers, and bikers in a safe and friendly manner. Employee must also have the ability to remain outdoors for long periods of time during weather conditions that are less than ideal. Moving in and out of a golf cart frequently is also a requirement. Periodic clearing of bamboo, use of leaf blower, hedge trimer, weed eater and other small equipment will be required.

Application Process

About Us

The Katy Trail is a treasured Dallas greenspace and one of the most important public spaces and destinations in the city.  Since 1997, the mission of Friends of the Katy Trail has been to maintain, enhance, and advocate for the Katy Trail as the premier trail for recreation, wellness, and alternative transportation in the City of Dallas. In 2022, Friends of the Katy Trail will celebrate 25 years of managing the Trail for the benefit of Dallas citizens and visitors.

This is an exciting time to join Friends of the Katy Trail.  The pandemic has shown the essential role the Katy Trail plays in the mental and physical health of Dallas, and the Trail now has 1.5 million visits per year.  In 2022, we plan to expand our outreach to the community as well as our new Katy Trail Art initiative; continue to grow membership, corporate, and other support; hold another successful Katy 5K; and more.

Application Instructions

Please send a resume and cover letter to with subject: Trail Manager.

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