Demonstrate Transformative Change in the Community

CNM Outcomes and Evaluation Services are designed to meet your nonprofit’s needs on every level:

  • Developing your organization’s evaluation plans and data collection tools, and assisting with implementation
  • Training staff on outcomes principles and application
  • Conducting data retreats for an in-depth understanding of program performance
  • Updating your dashboard regardless of the software platform used
  • Securing ongoing third-party evaluation if you need an independent assessment of your program’s effectiveness
  • Certifying that your program documentation and processes are based on a valid evaluation methodology through our CNM Certified Program
  • Building a data infrastructure with logic models, data plans, and a dashboard using CNM’s leading edge technology to track, analyze and report results through our CNM-pact Services that offer ongoing support, and following implementation, securing CNM Certified Prime status

The CNM program evaluation team really immersed themselves in our mission and culture. They helped us re-define success and gauge program effectiveness beyond sobriety to their overall quality of life – from education, to family relations, to career aspirations.

Lisa Kroencke

Executive Director, The Magdalen House

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track, analyze, evaluate, and report outcomes

CNM Outcomes and Evaluation Services gives nonprofits the ability to make sure your programs are doing the most possible for the community and increases your fundraising results to do even more.

Third-Party evaluation

Expert data analysis to improve program performance

If your organization needs help evaluating a program for reports to funders or other stakeholders, the CNM Outcomes and Evaluation team can help through our Third-Party Evaluation Services. CNM Outcomes and Evaluation Consultants act as third-party evaluators to conduct an independent assessment of your program’s effectiveness.


CNM Certified

Nonprofits committed to measurable outcomes

CNM Certified recognizes nonprofits serious about generating outcomes and demonstrating their programs are making a tangible, positive impact in the community. 


Specialized expertise and powerful tools

CNM-pact® – CNM’s Evaluation Consulting and Outcomes Technology Services gives nonprofits the ability to efficiently and effectively track, analyze, evaluate, and report program performance, anywhere, anytime, on any platform.

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