Unbiased Data Analysis to Improve Program Performance

Take advantage of our expert Third-Party Evaluation Services to assess your program effectiveness.

If your organization needs help evaluating a program for reports to funders or other stakeholders, the CNM Outcomes and Evaluation team can help through our Third-Party Evaluation Services. CNM Outcomes and Evaluation Consultants act as third-party evaluators to conduct an independent assessment of your program’s effectiveness.

These evaluations can range from short-term, one-time consulting projects to evaluations conducted over multiple years based on your needs. As part of the evaluation process, our expert Consultants will work with you to determine what data needs to be collected and help gather appropriate data pertaining to program service delivery and outcomes, including obtaining data sharing agreements when necessary.

After analyzing the data, we will provide you with a report of findings, including both interim and final reports, with recommendations to improve program performance. This service offered to all nonprofits, regardless of whether your organization is a CNM-pact client or not.

Interested in learning how your organization could make use of our Third-Party Evaluation Services?