Better Connected, Engaged and Equipped

For nearly 40 years, CNM (formerly the Center for Nonprofit Management) has helped strengthen the nonprofit sector through its affordable education and comprehensive management consulting services.

Building on that success, CNM continues to strengthen communities by connecting and engaging nonprofits and other stakeholders through thought leadership, management expertise, evaluation consulting and outcomes technology services.

Bottom line: we help communities by helping nonprofits to be their best. We engage nonprofits on every level, giving them the tools they need to succeed, and fostering cooperation with businesses, foundations and government entities in a way that produces meaningful results.


To strengthen communities by connecting and engaging nonprofits and other stakeholders through thought leadership, management expertise and outcomes technology

CNM Vision

Communities thrive through committed stakeholders equipped to tackle issues in a meaningful way

A Team Well Equipped to Partner with Nonprofits of all Sizes and Causes

Our management team has a proven track record of results across major industry sectors. With significant experience in management consulting, nonprofit operations, education and technology, we are extremely well equipped to serve as a partner to nonprofits of all sizes and causes.



Tina Weinfurther

President and CEO


Nora Douglas, Ph.D.

Outcomes and Evaluation Director

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Christy Livingstone

Education Director

Working Together to Fulfill CNM’s Mission of Strengthening Communities

CNM’s Board of Directors includes executives in both the nonprofit and private sectors. With expertise in finance, law, city management, social services, public affairs, technology and other major sectors, these leaders are working together to help CNM fulfill its mission of strengthening communities.


Collin Harrison


Brandon Rowland


Partner Assurance

Dana Burghdoff


Deputy Planning and Development Director
CIty of Fort Worth

Scott Orr

Governance Chair  

Vice President, Public affairs
Fidelity Investments


Liz C. Beauchamp

Vice President, Governmental and Public Affairs

Atmos Energy

Roy C. Lopez

Assistant Vice President of Community Affairs

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Susan Rainey


locke lord llp

Crystal Wright

Director, Capital Markets

and Accounting Advisory Services


Alan K. Davis

Vice President

Ken W. Davis Foundation

Larry Meltzer


mm2 Public relations

Mike Walker

Vice President of Sales

Lennox International

Kelle Fontenot



Casey Oliver

Regional Manager

texas A&M University

Phil White

Regional Managing Director, Wealth Management

Wells Fargo

Advocacy Council 

Joel Allison
Louise Appleman
George Baldwin
Cindy Boyd
Gillian Breidenbach
Becky Bright
Sally Burt
Brent Christopher
Martha Crandell Coleman
Anne Crews

David Eason 
Gwen Echols 
Fran Eichorst
William E. Giron 
Harriet Briscoe Harral 
Gray “Tuck” Henry
Mimi Huey
Mitch Jericho 
Cindy Johnson 
Sandy Kautz 
Karen Kennedy 
Sylvia Sotelo Kidd 

Harold Kleinman
Cynthia Wilson Krause
Bill Lawrence
Chad Leopard
Sarah Losinger
Robert Meachum
Zem Neill
Judy Odom
Casey Oliver
John Paul
Dr. John Ellis Price
Ann Rice

Alice Rodriguez
Leslie Sabbath
Ann Schooler
Andy Smith
Michelle Thomas
Roslyn Dawson Thompson
Carlela K. Vogel
Ava Washington
Libby Watson
Dan Weston
J. Scott Wilson
Bob Wright
Susan Wright


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For nearly 40 years, CNM has helped strengthen nonprofits by offering affordable education and management consulting services to our members. We broadened our mission in early 2015 to strengthen communities by connecting and engaging nonprofits and other stakeholders through thought leadership, management expertise and outcomes technology.

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