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Better Meet The Needs Of Your Community

Improving Organizational Performance

Organizational growth can be achieved in many ways. CNM has a range of additional Strategic Consulting Services to assist you in implementing strategic and operational changes.

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Operations Assessment

Understand how well your organization is performing from an internal perspective by collecting feedback from your board and staff about your organizational structure, people, communications and culture, processes, systems, and facilities.

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Organizational Assessment

Learn how your organization is performing from an external perspective by obtaining feedback from your funders, partners, community leaders, and others about whether your programs should be expanded, discontinued, or remain the same, and whether new programs should be added to better meet the community’s needs.

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Program Sustainability Planning

Determine the sustainability of your programs by soliciting feedback from program staff and community partners about the factors that contribute to maintaining your programs over time including funding stability, program evaluation and adaptation, strategic planning, and communications. The scope of actions considered will be broad and range from strategic planning, funding, program evaluation, marketing, and any other areas relevant to achieving program sustainability.

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Other Advisory Services

You may already be aware of a specific issue or barrier that is affecting your organization’s performance. In addition to the Strategic Consulting Services described above, CNM can help your organization in a variety of ways, including drafting an operating plan, crafting outreach strategies, or conducting a community needs assessment. We will work with you to develop the necessary tools, plans, and materials to identify and implement the changes needed to  address the issues you are facing in your organization.

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