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CNM’s annual membership provides numerous discounts that result in long-term savings for you and your nonprofit.

Membership fees are based on your organization’s annual operating budget so membership is affordable for ALL nonprofits. Best of all, organizational memberships can be used by every member of your organization!

Join hundreds of North Texas nonprofits and become a member today! 

CNM Membership Benefits

Members receive a new discount code monthly that they can use for a variety of exclusive benefits!

Education Classes

Receive a monthly discount code that can be applied to take $50 off course registration. 

Opportunity 501 Job Board

Receive $50 off all job
board posts. 

Strategic Consulting

Up to 25% off strategic
consulting services, like strategic planning or board training.

Certificate Programs

Early bird rates for all of CNM’s Certificate Programs and up to $500 off regular rates.

Outcomes Consulting

Up to 25% off our evaluation consulting and outcomes technology services.

Monthly Nonprofit News

Exclusive monthly email update with nonprofit news and
updates from CNM.

Partner Services

Discounts on services from
DFW-area accountants and insurance providers.

CNM membership PRICING


Individual Membership benefits provide discounts for CNM Education Services.

  • $100


Organization Membership covers all employees of the organization.

Memberships are good for one year from date of payment. Pricing is based on your organization’s annual operating budget.

Annual Operating Budget

  • $50K and under – $100
  • Over $50K to $100K – $150
  • Over $100K to $500K  – $225
  • Over $500K to $1M – $325
  • Over $1M to $3M – $425
  • Over $3M to $5M – $525
  • Over $5M or more – $625