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Best Practices and Social Sector Expertise

Having an effective board can make a significant difference in the success of a nonprofit.

Investing in board training can elevate the leadership and governance effectiveness of your board of directors. Board development is essential to getting the most out of this valuable resource, including expertise and financial contributions. Our consultants provide board development training that is customized for your organizational needs.

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Development Areas for Board Trainings
  • Board, CEO and staff roles and responsibilities
  • Organization mission and purpose
  • Legal and ethical obligations of the board
  • Best practice governance strategies
  • Board structure, use of committees and committee charters
  • Evaluation of the board and strategies for effective meetings
  • The board’s role in fundraising
  • Best practices for board development including recruitment, selection and orientation

“Thanks to CNM’s ability to listen to what we felt we needed, as well as engaging our Board members, CNM put together a great presentation that both brand new Board members as well as those who have been committed to National Council of Jewish Women for more years than we can imagine could gain insight and knowledge. Thank you for making our investment in our Board so incredibly worthwhile.”

Joyce Rosenfield

Board President, National Council of Jewish Women