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Help Your Board Take Its performance to the next level

A high performing board of directors is essential for your nonprofit to achieve sustainable results for your community.

Often, the board development task seems daunting; it can be unclear where to begin and where to focus. CNM can help your board take its performance to the next level. Whether your board is young and seeking to learn the basics or is an experienced board seeking to sustain excellence, our Board Development services are customizable to meet your needs.

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Board Assessment

Knowing where to begin for board development can be difficult. CNM’s Board Assessment will help you understand the current state of your board of directors because knowing where you are is essential in the journey toward where you want to go. CNM utilizes assessment tools and the expertise of the Strategic Consulting staff to work with your team to review current board documentation and processes, and provide feedback and templates where there are gaps to help you achieve and sustain excellence with your board of directors.

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Custom Board Training

All nonprofit boards are unique, with different people, needs, and desires for their nonprofit and mission-space. CNM will work with you to understand your board and its needs to develop the right training for you. Our experts have experience helping boards understand their basic roles and responsibilities as well as helping high performing boards continually grow and learn.

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“Thanks to CNM’s ability to listen to what we felt we needed, as well as engaging our Board members, CNM put together a great presentation that both brand new Board members as well as those who have been committed to National Council of Jewish Women for more years than we can imagine could gain insight and knowledge. Thank you for making our investment in our Board so incredibly worthwhile.”

Joyce Rosenfield

Board President, National Council of Jewish Women