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CNM-pact® – CNM’s innovative evaluation consulting and outcomes technology services

CNM-pact gives nonprofits the ability to efficiently and effectively track, analyze, evaluate, and report outcomes. Nonprofits can securely access their program results anywhere, anytime, and on any platform. We will not only work alongside you and your staff, guiding you in the development of strong evaluation plans and protocols, but will also help you to expand your organization’s capacity for data utilization and push quality improvement. CNM brings outcomes expertise and technology to all nonprofits regardless of size, mission or location, at an affordable cost.

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This video highlights three of our CNM Certified Prime nonprofits: Jubilee Park and Community Center, Rivertree Academy, and The Magdalen House. 

CNM Certified Prime was designed to build stronger communities by driving more efficient and effective philanthropy for funders and nonprofits. The program helps nonprofits secure more funding by recognizing serious commitments to  generating outcomes and demonstrating programs are making a tangible, positive impact in the community.

CNM Certified Prime acknowledges CNM-pact clients that are:

  • Using valid procedures for data collection, analysis, and reporting
  • Making data-driven decisions
  • Continually improving their programs
  • Engaging stakeholders in their mission

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CNM Certified Prime Organizations - 2024

CNM-pact: Outcomes With Insight®