OCOK Staff Trainer

ACH Child and Family Services
July 24, 2023
Fort Worth, TX, Texas
Job Type


Position Function: Working in collaboration with the OCOK Permanency Training Supervisor and Director, the OCOK Permanency trainer will deliver information to and enhance the competencies of new and tenured employees by designing and conducting permanency training programs.

This position will plan, conduct, and facilitate highly specialized Community-Based Care training courses and workshops consistent with performance-based training and quality improvement strategies relevant to OCOK’s performance goals and outcomes for child safety, well-being and permanency.

This position requires the development of training programs, passion for children and families, and a strong desire to ensure OCOK professionals receive the best possible training to enable them to do their jobs effectively.


Education: Bachelor’s degree required in a social service or organizational leadership/management field. Master’s degree preferred.

Experience: At least two years’ experience in the role of a child-welfare related role (i.e., investigations, conservatorship, Family Based Safety Services) or child welfare trainer position.  Previous proven training skills in a social service arena  is a plus.

At least one year in conducting in-person training and using one or more of the following delivery methods is required: video conferencing, online, blended, and/or webinar. Adequate knowledge of learning management software is required. Designing training curricula and coordination of training events in an organizational setting is needed. Experience using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Moodle, Canva, Freeform, Dropbox, and other software preferred.

Functional: Considerable knowledge of the following is essential: SSCC system and objectives in Texas, Texas Child Welfare laws and legal requirements, joint operations between SSCC’s and DFPS in Texas, OCOK organization and Permanency procedures.  Applicable and demonstrative knowledge of CAREMATCH, CLASS, IMPACT is necessary.  Knowledge in instructional design theory and learning principles, familiarity with traditional and modern training methods, tools, and techniques, and the ability to present complex information to a variety of audiences. Ability to identify sources for training content, sequence training methods, create training plans and schedule trainings. Ability to create skill practice exercises, pace training methods, select appropriate training methods and create broad content outlines.

Working Conditions: Heavy computer usage, administrative and clerical functions in a “team” office environment, attendance at public functions, and some evening and weekend work required. Lifting files and office supplies required, up to 25 pounds.

Listed below are the three main physical tests required for your position:

Ukeru (Physical) Use of Pads/Ukeru 180 Refresher/Ukeru (360) Refresher

  • Stepping backward, forward, side to side
  • Grasping using two hands
  • Bending at the knees
  • Twisting back and waist
  • Ability to shift directions quickly (180 degrees)
  • Full range of motion in both arms and both legs
  • Holding Ukeru Pad with both arms/hands for extended amount of time (5 minutes)


  • Bending at the waist
  • Compressing adult mannequin’s chest 2 inches repeatedly
  • Ability to support an infant’s head and body to perform choking first aid
  • Ability to support an adult’s body to perform choking first aid


  • Stepping backward
  • Grasping using each and both hands
  • Bending at the waist and knees
  • Twisting at the waist
  • Side-stepping
  • Having the ability to shift direction quickly (180 degrees)
  • Full range of motion in both arms and both legs
  • Lower 50 pounds to the ground
  • Must be able to step back while lowering weight
  • Finger dexterity

Exposure to Confidential Information: Maintain confidentiality and follow policies related to volunteer, personnel, and client records. Uphold the Donor Bill of Rights.

Key Expectations/Responsibilities:

  • Identify training needs by evaluating strengths and developmental needs of staff in various Permanency positions.
  • Translate Permanency requirements into trainings that will prepare new employees for being successful in the field, as well as tenured employees for being successful and prepared for their next career steps.
  • Assist with building the Permanency training program and creating Permanency training plans.
  • Select appropriate training methods and identify sources for training content.
  • Create Permanency skill practice exercises and select appropriate Permanency training methods.
  • Direct structured learning experiences and display the ability to evaluate objectively for quality and effectiveness.
  • Deliver training courses for new hires and continuing staff.
  • Display confidence and agility in teaching and training SSCC policies and procedures, OCOK Permanency subject matter, as well as DFPS required CVS subject matter to employees.
  • Develop and establish ongoing training opportunities for OCOK Permanency staff and others in the OCOK organization.
  • Work with team members to achieve group goals by contributing ideas in group settings, accepting ideas contributed by others, operating with respect to all persons, participating in team meetings, working with team members to improve job knowledge and skills, putting team goals over personal ones, and supporting team and leaders once decisions are made.
  • Attend work timely and in accordance with agreed-upon work schedule.
  • This position may require after-hours work on occasion.

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