JA BizTown Capstone Manager

Jr Achievement Dallas
March 6, 2024
4885 N. President George Bush Hwy, Garland, Texas
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Are you ready to join an organization where you can provide proven impact to students and change the trajectory of their lives? Envision all Americans living lives with financial knowledge and freedom. At Junior Achievement of Dallas, we get to work toward that goal every day. Although not always easy, lives are changed.

You can achieve professional growth with personal fulfillment. You will connect with people and make a lifechanging impact and partner with schools, companies, individuals, and others to ensure everyone has access to choices for a financially healthy life.

Junior Achievement of Dallas is committed to diversity, equity and inclusiveness in our employees, board members, volunteers, and the students we serve. We offer our employee’s professional development and growth opportunities, a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits, and a collaborative team spirit environment.

Purpose of Position:

The JA BizTown Capstone Manager actively leads JA BizTown and JA BizTown Virtual for all program operations including, but not limited to, student recruitment, the execution of day-of simulation experience, training of teachers and volunteers, scheduling and data tracking of program experience, and supervision of part-time supporting staff. This position is critical to ensuring a quality experience for all stakeholders, including but not limited to, students, educators, funders, and volunteers in Dallas County and Garland ISD while upholding the program quality and integrity.

Title: JA BizTown Capstone Manager

Scope: Full Time Position

Reports to: Vice President of Education

Position Type: Onsite

Salary Range:  $50,000 - $60,000

Benefits: 401k, Health, Dental, Vision, Group Term Life Insurance, Short Disability, PTO, 11 Paid Holidays

 Leadership Competencies:

Collaboration and Partnerships:

    • Fosters collaboration with other nonprofits, government agencies, businesses, and community organizations.
    • Identifies opportunities for partnerships that enhance the organization's impact and reach.
    • Builds coalitions and alliances around shared goals and values.

Program Management and Impact:

    • Oversees the development, implementation, and evaluation of programs and services.
    • Ensures programs are aligned with the organization's mission and strategic priorities.
    • Monitors and measures program outcomes and impact to inform continuous improvement.

Problem-Solving and Decision Making:

    • Identifies challenges and develops creative solutions.
    • Makes well-informed decisions based on analysis and consultation.
    • Handles crises calmly and effectively.
    • Evaluates risks and opportunities to inform decision-making.

Relationship Building:

    • Cultivates strong relationships with key stakeholders, including donors, partners, government agencies, and the community.
    • Collaborates with other organizations and stakeholders to advance common goals.
    • Builds and maintains a diverse network of contacts.

Volunteer Management:

    • Recruits, trains, and retains volunteers to support the organization's programs and activities.
    • Provides leadership and supervision to volunteers, empowering them to contribute effectively.
    • Recognizes and celebrates the contributions of volunteers to the organization's mission.

 Primary Responsibility

  • Program Development: Lead the program & simulation implementation to ensure program in alignment with the organization's mission and educational objectives in adherence to JA USA Implementation Standards.
  • Teacher Training: Provide training and support to teachers and facilitators delivering the Capstone program, including orientation sessions, ongoing coaching, and resource sharing.
  • Student Engagement: Engage students in programming by integrating JA program options to school throughout the county that promote entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and career readiness.
  • Partnership/Fund Development: Working with the development team, cultivate and maintain partnerships with schools, businesses, and community organizations to support the delivery and funding of JA programs and enhance student learning experiences.
  • Volunteer Recruitment and Management: Secure, recruit and train volunteers to support the JA programs, including business professionals who serve as mentors, guest speakers, or workshop facilitators.
  • Evaluation and Assessment: Utilize evaluation tools and methodologies to assess the effectiveness and impact of the JA programs, collecting feedback from students, teachers, volunteers, and other stakeholders.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Promote JA programs to schools, parents, students, and potential partners through various marketing channels, including social media, email campaigns, and presentations.
  • Data Management: Collect and maintain accurate data on program participation, student outcomes, and other relevant metrics to track progress and inform decision-making.
  • Continuous Improvement: Monitor trends and best practices in entrepreneurship education and career readiness and make recommendations for enhancements and refinements to the JA program to better serve students and achieve organizational goals.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with other departments within Junior Achievement and external stakeholders to integrate the JA programs with other educational initiatives and maximize its impact on student learning and career development.

·       Tech Savvy:  Proficient in advanced-level technological skills such as running digital learning assistant utilizing AI.
·       Cultural Awareness: Demonstrating an understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives.
·       Passion for Working with Children: Having a genuine passion and commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of children.
·       Decision-Making: Skill in making sound decisions based on data, analysis, and consideration of the program's impact and stakeholders' needs.
·       Innovation: Willingness to explore new ideas and approaches to enhance the effectiveness and relevance of the programs.
·       Collaborative Leadership: Capacity to foster collaboration and teamwork among staff, volunteers, and stakeholders to achieve shared goals.
·       Coaching and Mentoring: Ability to provide guidance, support, and mentorship to staff, volunteers, and students involved in the Capstone program to facilitate their growth and development.
·       Conflict Resolution: Capability to manage conflicts constructively, facilitating dialogue and negotiation to resolve differences and maintain positive relationships.
·       Accountability: Willingness to take ownership of outcomes and hold oneself and others accountable for meeting objectives and fulfilling responsibilities.

·       Confidence: Projects confidence and authority when speaking and writing, inspiring trust.

·       Advance Computer Skills

·       Bilingual (Spanish-speaking) a plus

·       Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience required.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: The essential functions of this job may require an individual to frequently sit, walk, lift approximately 25-50 pounds of weight on occasions. Will need to have the ability to communicate with staff, students, and volunteers. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Application Instructions

Interested individuals should submit a resume and cover letter to Tamiko Stenline at Tstenline@jadallas.org by March 24th.  No phone calls please.

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