Family Community Living Assistant: Weekends/Evenings/PRN

Family Gateway
September 20, 2022
Dallas, Texas
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Family Gateway’s Community Living Assistant – Weekend & PRN is responsible for supervising and
monitoring weekend activities of Guests at Family Gateway Center, an emergency shelter for families
with children experiencing homelessness.

• Establish appropriate relationships with adults and children in a shelter environment by
providing insight, redirection and supporting program/policy compliance.
• Contribute positively to the evening/weekend atmosphere by reinforcing agency structure,
guidelines and expectations.
• Communicate with Guests in a manner that promotes dignity, respect and understanding.
• Maintain a clean facility by keeping Guests accountable of their spaces, community
responsibilities and children.
• Assist with or take the lead in preparing/setting up activities/groups/cafeteria.
• Encourage and gather Guests for events, groups and activities.
• Partner with Guests in order to create an atmosphere that promotes safety and cleanliness.
• Provide supervision, guidance and assistance during breakfast/lunch/dinner.
• Conduct regular room/curfew/building checks, documenting any issues and providing
insight/suggestions/recommendations to daytime staff.
• Be attentive and make note of curfew violations, program/policy violations, making
recommendations to Guests and daytime staff.
• Be proactive and constantly engaged, offering verbal de-escalation and non-violent or
disrespectful verbal redirection.
• Respond to crisis and emergency situations quickly, contacting the appropriate staff and
emergency personnel (police, ambulance, mental health crisis team, etc.) authorities as needed.
• Document any and all injuries, incidents, and crises.
• Maintain professionalism and Guest privacy, on and off the job as it relates to Family Gateway
• Communicate with Family Services team nightly regarding relevant client issues.
• Perform all other duties as assigned.

• Applicant should have a high school diploma/equivalent with at least one year of related
• Applicant should have interest in working with adults, children, and families in crisis.
• Applicant should have knowledge of crisis-intervention techniques.
• Applicant must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Applicant must be able to work on a team.

Application Instructions

To apply, send cover letter with resume to

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