Executive Administrative Assistant

Promise House, Inc.
August 31, 2022
224 W Page Ave, Dallas, TX
Job Type


DEPARTMENT: Executive Administration


HOURS: Full-time, standard workweek

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Able to lift up to 30lbs., able to work part or all of a shift sitting, standing and walking, able to safely operate office machinery.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: Professional business setting.


The Executive Administrative Assistant (EAA) of Promise House holds an administrative role that is vital to the management of the entire agency. This position represents the President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in carrying out his/her overall objectives for the agency.  The EAA must demonstrate a high degree of discretion, as the position often is privy to highly-confidential information. The EAA is a liaison between the CEO and agency employees, clients, volunteers, and other community stakeholders. Efficiently gathering and disseminating information is a key component of the position. The EAA must also possess strong skills in meeting coordination, executive e-mail correspondence management and calendar management. Flexibility, organization, ability to manage conflicting deadlines, and effective communication skills are crucial for this position.

POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES (include, but are not limited to):

The responsibility of the Executive Administrative Assistant (EAA) is to support the administrative needs of the President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) so that (s)he may successfully lead the organization in attaining its strategic business initiatives.

Schedule Management

Responsible for scheduling for the CEO (and sometimes other members of the leadership team):

  • Managing the CEO’s schedule to include:
    • managing appointments, calendar(s), travel arrangements, meetings, speaking engagements, and other appointments in which the CEO may be engaged
    • identifying recurring events and planning for those in advance
    • pro-actively resolving scheduling conflicts and informing all affected parties
    • prioritizing requests for the CEO’s time and presence, effectively identifying (and giving precedence) to the items of utmost importance
  • Preparing expense and mileage reimbursement requests for CEO
  • Culling email, telephone calls, messages, mail, memorandums, etc. to prioritize most important items and manage or divert requests that do not require the CEO’s attention
  • Identifying, preparing, and organizing information necessary for scheduled and ad-hoc meetings

Events Planning and Management

Responsible for scheduling, planning, and hosting meetings and other events in support of the CEO’s activities. Activities include:

  • Managing meetings of the Board of Directors and its committees, ensuring adherence with applicable By-Laws and agency policy and procedure. Preparing meeting notices, agenda(s), informational packets, charts and graphs, Powerpoint presentations, etc. in support of meeting agenda
  • Developing resources for meeting venues, supplies and materials, presenters, facilitators in support for CEO’s meeting objectives
  • Making one’s self available to attend meetings/engagements with CEO
  • Representing CEO at meetings/engagements as requested
  • Setting-up, or requesting assistance from IA department, meeting/gathering spaces

Office Management

Responsible for ensuring that the Executive Office functions smoothly. Duties include:

  • Performing clerical, reception, telephone, and other administrative duties
  • Managing office supply inventory for CEO and self
  • Reporting requests for, and/or scheduling, maintenance/repairs for office furnishings and equipment, as needed
  • Maintaining clean, orderly, and inviting workspaces for CEO and self
  • Managing vendor relationships, as needed


Responsible for managing the flow of information to the CEO, members of the executive and leadership teams, and members of the Board of Directors. Duties include:

  • Screening telephone calls as well as electronic and hard copy communications
  • Preparing electronic and hard copy communications
  • Sorting incoming mail; preparing outgoing mail
  • Reviewing and summarizing reports, memorandums, etc. for CEO
  • Managing media requests for information
  • Maintain contact information in Outlook for CEO and self

Information Preparation

Responsible for preparing and sharing information with the CEO and other key stakeholders that supports essential business operations. Duties include:

  • Preparing and formatting information for internal and external distribution
  • Drafting letters, memorandums, and electronic communications on behalf of, or in service to, the CEO
  • Compiling and analyzing data and preparing reports, charts, graphs, etc. to illustrate findings
  • Creating and giving electronic presentations
  • Transcribing written or electronic notes from CEO
  • Proofreading and editing source material or information provided by CEO

Records Management

Responsible for maintaining sensitive, proprietary, and/or company records and information. Duties include:

  • Set-up and maintain an effective information management system that allows for ease of retrieval of information while safeguarding sensitive or confidential information (for both paper and electronic documents)
  • Adhere to Records Retention and Document Destruction Policies and Procedures
  • Maintain and safeguard original corporate documents
  • Secure documents and records in workspace during use in a fashion that minimizes the risk of information being viewed, destroyed, or taken by another person
  • Maintain user names and passwords in a safe and effective manner that that allows for ease of retrieval while safeguarding the information

Data Analysis

Uses a combination of critical thinking, data analysis, and computer skills to review/produce information that supports the CEO in attaining its strategic business initiatives. Duties include:

  • Gather, compile, tabulate, synthesize, and analyze key business information and metrics; prepare reports, charts, graphs, etc. reviewing findings
  • Identify areas of concern and expediently report to CEO
  • At CEO’s direction, work with Executive and Leadership Teams and other stakeholders to respond to findings


Maintains confidentiality and exercise discretion while in possession of sensitive information or performing sensitive tasks as assigned by CEO. Includes information about layoffs, compensation plans, internal investigations, impending or active litigation, grievances, company trade secrets, and other confidential, sensitive, or protected information.


  • Participate in training and development as assigned by supervisor.
  • Adhere to the policies and procedures of the Agency.

While this document attempts to outline the general duties and responsibilities for this position, no job description can fully anticipate every nuance and change that may affect the position. Employees should expect that other duties may and can be assigned as necessary to support the agency’s successful business operations.

Other duties as assigned.

EXPERIENCE: Minimum of three (3) to five (5) years of progressively responsible experience as an administrative assistant for a position in upper or executive management, preferably in a nonprofit or government setting. Experience working with volunteer Board of Directors.

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in related field (years of experience may be considered a substitute for all or some of the educational requirement).


  • Proven skills successfully representing an executive-level position, effective communication skills, able to positively influence others, strong attention to detail, deadline oriented, flexible and adaptive, high degree of professionalism and confidentiality, and strategic thinker.
  • Advanced computer skills including, MS Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook.
  • Ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment and to work independently but also in a team setting.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build relationships with internal and external stakeholders, including staff, board members, external partners and donors.

The salary rage for this position is $45,000-$50,000 based on education and experience.

Application Instructions

Please apply online at https://promisehouse.org/join-our-team/

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