Data Visualization Associate

The Rees-Jones Foundation
July 14, 2022
8111 Westchester Drive, Suite 950, Dallas, Texas
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Dallas, Texas | Office-based | Full time

Position Description

As an integral part of the Foundation team the Data Visualization Associate applies analytical, design, and technology skills to express the impact of The Rees-Jones Foundation by creating compelling and informative data visualizations and producing them as interactive elements of websites and applications.

The Data Visualization Associate incorporates data visualization skills and website development skills to complete projects across the continuum of analytical conceptualization and graphic design to technical implementation and publication of interactive digital content. In collaboration with Grantmaking and Insights colleagues, this role applies data visualization skills to transform diverse datasets and illustrative narratives into analytically sound and compelling graphics, charts, dashboards, maps, and multimedia visuals focused on the Foundation’s grantmaking processes, funding outcomes, and the philanthropic sector overall. This role applies website programming skills to update and maintain the digital assets of the Foundation and implement publication of interactive digital content. This role is focused on assisting the Foundation by providing accessible insights from internal and external datasets for more effective grantmaking.

The Data Visualization Associate is committed to the advancement of the philanthropic interests and philosophy of The Rees-Jones Foundation and its founders. The Data Visualization Associate must be of high moral character, exhibit sound judgment, and represent the Foundation’s values with compassion and empathy.

 Foundation Overview

Founded in 2006 by Jan and Trevor Rees-Jones, The Rees-Jones Foundation is a Dallas-based private foundation that works with non-profit organizations, in North Texas and in international settings, with the vision that the love of Christ is experienced in tangible ways by those who are disadvantaged or who are suffering spiritually, physically, or emotionally.

The Data Visualization Associate is part of the Foundation team which is collaborative in its approach to grantmaking, discerning issue area and funding insights, and communicating the philanthropic priorities and funding outcomes of the Foundation with internal and external stakeholders.


  • Critically and accurately analyze internal and external datasets to identify trends and descriptive statistics that can be themes for decision making and discerning impact
  • Design compelling and articulate data visualizations including charts, graphs, dashboards, maps, and infographics that communicate insights into grantmaking portfolios, grantmaking performance, and funding outcomes
  • Publish data visualizations as interactive features of websites and applications
  • Maintain and update the Foundation’s website
  • Support data visualization in print documents

 Education and Professional Strengths

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in computer science, web design, graphics design or other similar fields blending analysis, design, and programming
  • Exceptional competency in digital design
  • Ability to apply common statistical methods
  • Editorial judgement and commitment to accuracy
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of information
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm to learn and collaborate


  • Experience in data visualization with diverse graphical production types
  • Experience in web development using WordPress, HTML, and CSS
  • Experience with TypeScript/JavaScript
  • Experience with a digital design platform (such as Figma, InVision, Adobe XD)
  • Experience with Python or other major programming languages
  • Experience with diverse data formats (CSV, XML, JSON) and SQL
  • Experience with data visualization libraries designed for the web (such as D3)
  • Experience with Adobe Creative Suite
  • Experience with Salesforce
  • Experience with ESRI GIS mapping software
  • Experience with data-dashboarding platforms (such as Tableau)
  • Experience with APIs

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