Convening Director

Rev Partnership
February 28, 2023
Fort Worth, Texas
Job Type


Job Title: Convening Director
Reports To: CEO
Supervises: NA
Location: North Texas, with a knowledge of Tarrant County
Category: Exempt, full-time
Posting Date: February 28, 2023

About Rev Partnership
The Rev Partnership mission is that every child in Tarrant County has access to a high-quality education so that their path to prosperity is achievable.

To that end, we drive system-level strategies to ensure all Tarrant County students are equipped to lead and succeed in their homes, schools, and communities.

We believe that creating a more effective and equitable countywide education system requires listening to and connecting leaders at every step of a student’s journey – from early learning through postsecondary education. As a backbone and data-driven organization, we convene education leaders, and through creating a forum built on trust and providing robust data insights, we ignite collective action towards shared regional goals for our county’s students. This Partnership is committed to creating a space to advance system-level strategies by sharing data, committing to common regional goals, identifying effective practices, tackling shared challenges, scaling what is working, and developing new ideas that drive improvements for students.

This work results in the ability to amplify collective, cross-sector voices to drive change on behalf of the state’s third largest county educating nearly 750,000 students, or 7 percent of the state’s children.

While Rev Partnership is a newly established nonprofit (founded in 2022), it is built on years of innovation and expertise set in motion by Tarrant County’s school district leaders, philanthropy, and other nonprofit and community partners with missions to impact the education of our children. The Rev Partnership provides an opportunity to activate stakeholders along the academic pipeline from early learning to prosperous earning so that all systems are working together to significantly improve outcomes for children and families across our county.

The Opportunity

The Convening Director will report to and work in partnership with the CEO, providing significant contribution to the overall organizational strategy. This role holds considerable responsibility for the organization’s success and will be a critical ambassador of Rev’s mission by building influential relationships with district, community, and state partners. This role will be the face of Rev Partnership to district leaders and Convening participants, where our work is focused on creating a forum built on trust and providing robust data insights to codevelop a shared regional vision that is activated through collective action to address the challenges precluding student achievement.

Fostering a forum for collaboration and action planning among Tarrant County’s education leaders is the primary way Rev Partnership’s mission to improve education for children in Tarrant County is achieved. The organization seeks a mission-driven, education expert who leads with influence and excels at meeting facilitation, aligning diverse perspectives towards a shared vision, coalescing on achievable goals, and driving continuous improvement to achieve impact. The Convening Director must be a visionary leader who can build trust-based relationships to move the work forward.

The Convening Director is responsible for the scope and sequence of monthly Convenings, Convening facilitation, developing Convening strategy in consultation partners and consultants, aligning strategy across all Convening priorities, and identifying data metrics to monitor and track progress. The Convening Director must have direct experience and knowledge of Rev Partnership’s strategic priority areas – Educators, Early Learning, and Economic Opportunity Pathways – with the ability to provide expert technical assistance and subject matter expertise. This includes understanding state and local financing, Texas Education Agency initiatives and rule-making, local regulatory and administrative policy, and legislative implications to school districts. This expertise positions the Convening Director to bring forth solutions that maximize resource alignment, investments, and impact.

The Rev team currently includes a CEO, Early Literacy Manager of Read Fort Worth, an Operations Manager, and is undergoing a search for a Marketing and Communications Director.

Core Responsibilities and Duties

  • Codevelop Convening strategy with Tarrant County education leaders
    • Gain consensus on a shared vision, common metrics, mutually reinforcing strategies, and measurements of success
    • Identify opportunities across strategic priority areas to connect the work being executed in each Convening
    • Identify opportunities for collaboration between districts and with other organizations through knowledge of the education ecosystem locally and statewide
    • Build critical relationships with thought-partners and other education influencers locally and across the state
    • Identify and build Rev’s capacity to execute the identified strategies
    • Identify partnership opportunities with cross-sector organizations who implement programs or initiatives that support Rev’s strategic priority areas
  • Facilitate Convenings on Rev’s strategic priority areas by creating a forum of collaboration that results in action
    • Facilitate Rev’s strategic priority area Convenings
    • Design and plan monthly Convenings (2-3 hours each) on identified strategic priority areas that generate insights and drives action
    • Manage all pre-Convening preparation including developing an agenda, presentation decks, and pre-meeting communication, and engage Convening participants in this process
    • Liaison with Rev’s data contractors to generate robust insight for convening discussion, action, and monitoring impact
    • Manage all post-Convening action items including communication to Convening participants, appreciation to hosts, and outreach to ensure a cadence of effective communication and continuous feedback and improvement
    • Act as the primary face and spokesperson of Rev Partnership with Convening participants
    • Build, develop, and maintain strong relationships founded on trust
    • Provide technical assistance and one-on-one support to execute strategic plans and priorities that align with Rev’s identified goals
    • Utilize a collaborative approach in meeting facilitation to drive robust conversations, lift-up all voices to ensure a diverse set of perspectives
  • Infuse content expertise into Convening facilitation to generate solutions and identify levers that will move collective strategies forward
    • Stay abreast on state and local education initiatives in the public and private sectors
    • Be informed on relevant, effective practices and strategies to improve outcomes for students
    • Share insights and knowledge of the practical, real-life examples of strategies being deployed within and outside Tarrant County
    • Keep informed of legislative, administrative, and regulatory policy and directives impacting education, with the ability to identify goals from Convenings that need a policy lever to positively impact success
    • Maintain subject matter expertise on the profession and common approaches, methods, and standards
    • Maintain an understanding of financing mechanisms in order to drive outcomes and measurements that have a cost-benefit to the education system and the local taxpayers
  • Identify necessary data to inform strategy, Convening facilitation, and monitor Rev Partnership’s progress
    • Liaise with the data contractor to execute on deliverables in the data contract including data analysis and visualization needs
    • Create an annual data plan that connects goals, strategy, assessments, and outcomes that define the return on investment and academic progress
    • Generate and maintain data metrics that measure progress
    • Learn from data to continuously improve and champion success, measuring and informing progress across the identified goals
    • Identify trends and extract the narrative story from qualitative and quantitative data
    • Identify data sources to measure progress on academic performance metrics
  • Other duties as assigned

Competencies for Success

  • Exceptional Meeting Facilitation and Public Speaking: Energized by meeting facilitation, leading with influence, and building trusting relationships inside and outside the Partnership as a key ambassador to the organization and to drive system impact
  • Strategic: Systems-level strategist who thinks through how Rev Partnership’s efforts impact the organization and cross-sector partnerships
  • Strong Listener: Listens openly to diverse perspectives to ensure all voices are heard
  • Content Expert: Deep subject-matter expertise to apply knowledge on education strategy, pedagogy, policy, and to maximize investments and resources
  • Effective and Persuasive Communication: An exceptional and inspiring communicator who can present and facilitate a conversation in a manner that achieves the objectives, engages those in attendance, and generates robust feedback and input
  • Data-Informed Decision Maker: Understand measurements of commonly used academic outcomes and performance metrics and uses data as a critical lever in driving action
  • Savvy Relationship Manager: Understanding of when to raise questions and decision points to leadership and is pro-active in bringing recommended solutions when challenges arise
  • Precision to Detail: Ensure the highest-level of quality in the production of deliverables, understanding that everything produced represents you, the organization, and the organization’s leadership

Technical Skills & Professional Experience

  • Direct career experience at multiple levels within education including educator, school administrator, district leadership, and/or state or regional education body
  • Career experience at a collective impact or education nonprofit
  • Bachelor’s degree in education, or related field; Master’s degree preferred
  • Demonstrated career experience applying data insights to inform strategy development and strategic planning processes
  • Experience either directly or tangentially in the policy and/or regulatory systems
  • Demonstrated career experience in meeting facilitation with the ability to identify insights, build understanding and mobilize action
  • Demonstrated career experience in communicating content in legislative bills and policy that impact education
  • Excellent planning and organizational skills to effectively manage multiple projects effectively in a results-oriented environment
  • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, particularly PowerPoint and Excel, and tools to effectively present and facilitate meetings

Other Considerations

  • Competitive compensation within the nonprofit sector in Tarrant County, Texas and other similarly structured organizations
  • Comprehensive medical, dental, vision, retirement, and paid time off/leave
  • Travel mostly limited to across Tarrant County
  • Position is in-person with options for remote work coordinated with management
  • Some nights and weekends

At Rev Partnership, we respect and honor the diversity in our workplace. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, Rev Partnership hires without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, disability, national origin, genetic information, or any other category protected by applicable state and national law.

Application Instructions

To apply, please submit via email one PDF attachment that includes, in this order, a cover letter with your preferred salary range, resume/CV, and three references. Name of submission file should follow this format “Rev_CONVENINGDIR_[FIRST&LAST NAME].” Email the submission to Include in the subject line “Convening Director Submission – [FIRST and LAST NAME].”

Applications are due by 5PM CST on Friday, March 24, 2023. Late applications will not be considered.

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