CEO at Equest

January 31, 2023
Dallas, TX
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Equest, the premier equine assisted therapy center in Dallas, is hiring a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Their mission and purpose is to enhance the quality of life for children and adults with diverse needs and disabilities, first-responders, veterans, active-duty military members and their families by partnering with horses and highly skilled PATH certified instructors to bring hope and healing through equine assisted activities and therapies.

Equest’s CEO leads the team to carry out the mission of Equest with quality and sustainability. The CEO works within the parameters and objectives approved by the Board of Directors and provides general oversight management to all organizational operations including but not limited to program, finance, marketing, and development.  The CEO, along with others, is the face of Equest.


Job Responsibilities Include, but not limited to:

General Administration

  • Chief oversight responsibility for the day-to-day operations and public accountability of the organization.
  • Ensures that Equest operates in accordance with the following:
    • PATH Intl accreditation requirements and standards
    • The City of Dallas contractual requirements
    • The Equest by-laws.
    • The Equest personnel manual and policies
  • Recommends policies to the Board and/or assists the board in the formulation of policies for the effective and economical operation of the organization.
  • Ensures implementation of policies adopted by the board.


  • Actively participates in the development, evaluation, review, and revision of Equest’s long range strategic plan.
  • Based on the collection of data from the community and in cooperation with the Board and staff, makes recommendations on long range goals and objectives.
  • Develops and recommends to the Board specific plans for development of agency programs and services.
  • Develops an annual operating plan to implement agreed upon goals and objectives.

Financial Management

  • Has chief oversight responsibility for the establishment and maintenance of sound and responsible financial procedures, including internal controls and record keeping.
  • Oversees preparation of budgets for review by the Finance committees and approval by the Board of Directors
  • Leads Equest in manner that is consistent with projected income and expenses.
  • Ensures the facilitation of the annual financial audit.
  • Provides leadership to Board, staff, and volunteers to implement, facilitate and support organizational fund development sufficient to reach annual financial goals.
  • Creates an attitude of philanthropy throughout the organization.
  • Gives input and guidance to all Equest fundraising events.

Board of Directors

  • Serves as the liaison between Board of Directors and Equest staff.
  • Ensures preparations for board meetings and attends Board and Committee meetings.
  • Administers an orientation and training program to Board members.
  • Reports regularly to the Board and its committees and facilitates Board and committee function.
  • Facilitates Board and committee needs, including planning or preparation of Board documents, correspondence, and meetings.
  • Assists with the planning and implementation of Board projects and special events.


  • Evaluates services being offered by Equest in context with specified goals, objectives, standards, and mission. Works closely with Managers increase and accelerate the effectiveness and efficiency of programs and to ensure high quality delivery of service to our clients.
  • Ensures all programs have outcome measures/metrics.
  • Provides leadership to staff and program departments to engage in an ongoing review and evaluation process of all agency programs to ensure continued growth and success in reaching program goals.
  • Develops and maintains relationships with civic and professional resources, individuals, organizations, or academic institutions to promote understanding and participation in Equest’s programs.
  • Serves on appropriate community committees.
  • Maintains an atmosphere that promotes the safety and/or well-being of participants, staff, and volunteers.
  • Ensures that Equest operates in compliance with accreditation standards.


  • Acts one of the premier faces of Equest, representing the organization at functions, fundraisers, and community events.
  • Represents Equest as an ambassador for the mission of Equest and spreads the word throughout the community through direct and indirect involvement.
  • Ensures public relations and marketing efforts are top notch and effective.
  • Presents a positive image of the agency.
  • Exercises tact and discretion in both internal and external communication.
  • Serve as an articulate, informed spokesperson for Equest at both formal and informal speaking engagements and serves as the primary spokesperson for the agency to the media.
  • Provides input as needed in the development of written documents for funding and marketing purposes and administrative purposes.


  • Ultimately responsible for the effective recruitment, employment, training, supervision, and evaluation of staff.
  • Supervises and directs key staff in the performance of their duties, evaluates the performance of key staff members and provides overall control and direction for the personnel function of Equest.
  • Conducts manager and all-staff meetings


  • Participates in PATH International activities
  • Upholds the values of Equest.
  • Adheres to PATH International Accreditation standards.
  • Abides by all regulations, policies, and procedures of the City of Dallas, as they pertain to the Texas Horse Park
  • Attends all special events.
  • General proficiencies in: Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint, Drop Box, Salesforce, QuickBooks for non-profits, Salesforce, Dropbox.

Position:  Full Time Exempt

Reports to: Board of Directors

Supervises: Director of Community Engagement, Director of Development, Director of Volunteer Services, Director of Program Quality and Development, Counseling Program Manager, Business Manager, Finance Manager, Receptionist

Application Instructions

If you are interested in being considered for this opportunity, then please email your resume to