Freeing youth from sex trafficking

Company Information

Our vision

Communities free from relational brokenness.

Our mission

To free youth from sex trafficking through trust-based relationships.

Our values

HOPE : At the core of who we are, we believe every person was created on purpose for a purpose, and that hope and freedom are fully known through Jesus Christ.*

HUMILITY : We approach the fight for freedom acknowledging we do not have all the answers and wholeheartedly pledge deep collaboration with survivors, partners and the community – we are better together. We commit to a humble, teachable posture and embrace a culture of adaptability, willing to grow and evolve as we learn to craft inventive strategies for change.

HUMANITY : We believe every human was created equally with innate worth, fully deserving of justice and dignity. We recognize that our shared humanity is more powerful than our expertise and embrace authentic trust-based relationships as we journey alongside others in our own healing. We are compelled to bring excellence and integrity in all we do because people deserve our best.

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