Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas

Safely connecting generous mothers to fragile babies.
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  • Mothers' Milk Bank of North Texas is a non-profit organization with a culture devoted to our Mission and Vision. We strive to improve the health and survival of infants through breastfeeding advocacy and the safe, equitable provision of pasteurized donor human milk. Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas envisions a future when all babies have the opportunity to receive human milk.
  • Each year, 700 to 1,000 mothers donate their extra breastmilk to our milk bank to help other babies. All donors are screened and tested. Safety is our top priority.
  • We provide fragile infants with donor human milk by prescription when their own mother’s milk isn’t available. This often happens when babies are born prematurely. On average, 75% of donor human milk is dispensed to hospital NICUs, 20% is dispensed to fragile babies at home, our outpatients, and approximately 5% serves healthy newborns, bridging the gap between hospital discharge and a successful breastfeeding routine.

More than 6 million ounces of donor milk has been dispensed to fragile babies since 2004.

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