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Jolt is a Texas-based multi-issue organization that builds the political power and influence of Latinos in our democracy

Jolt gives Latinos the power to make change, so we can have a say in how Texas is run. There are almost 11 million Latinos in Texas. Together, we have the power to transform our state. Join us!


Jolt brings together Latinos from across Texas to win on the issues that matter. Jolt doesn’t stand for any one party or politician — it stands for the Latino community, families, and parents who worked hard to give their children everything they didn’t have. Jolt supports Latinos to make change by making sure they have a say in how Texas is run. Here’s how Jolt does it:

Jolt organizes our community to determine what happens on school boards, at the Governor’s mansion and all the way to Congress to make sure our government works best for ordinary people to ensure we in on the issues that impact our community through:

  • Voter registration
  • Voter mobilization
  • Year-round issue organizing

Jolt wants to make sure that the major issues that impact Latinos in Texas are talked about, debated and won with the voices of Latinos front and center. By telling the stories of Latino families and creating a culture of resistance Jolt brings pride and a sense of belonging to the Latino community across the state by:

  • Organizing the community online and moving thousands to take action
  • Bringing people together to ensure that our elected officials serve all Texans
  • Promoting a culture that reflects our movement by bringing artists and musicians together to tell the stories of the Latino community
  • Lifting up the voices of Latinos through communication strategies that tell their stories in traditional news mediums at the local, state and national level

Jolt knows that our democracy works best when everyone gets a seat at the table and that’s why Jolt is building the capacity of grassroots leaders to drive change in their communities and mobilize others to action.


Jolt brings Latino organizations together from across Texas to craft and implement campaigns to tackle the issues the community faces.


At the Jolt Leadership Institute participants learn skills in organizing, media, public speaking, advocacy and voter mobilization. Jolt is invested in developing a diverse cohort to serve as next generation of progressive Latino/a leaders, that’s why 40 percent of its training is for young people (ages 16 to 30) and half of all leadership training is reserved for women.

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