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Hendrick Scholarship Foundation (HSF) is a local organization that provides scholarships and support along the way for students who have graduated Plano ISD through adversity in their lives. For over 25 years, HSF has been providing opportunity and hope to economically disadvantaged students who have the grades, aptitude, and desire to go to college, but not the financial support.  In many cases, our students are the first in their family to attend college, and they lack the necessary guidance to navigate the experience of attending college.

That’s where Hendrick steps in.  We provide an academic advisor who stewards the students in coursework planning and career guidance.  We provide each student a coach who provides individual mentorship and prompts him or her to achieve goals.  We provide tutoring, life skills training, and student workshops to support our students through the lifestyle change that accompanies the transition to attending college.  In turn, our students are successful, and the hardship cycle is interrupted.

Since 1991, HSF has awarded over $1 million in multi-year scholarships to over 325 students. The work that HSF does is so important. It allows these deserving and motivated young people to fulfill their dream of going to college, entering the workforce, and becoming valued and contributing members of our community.

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