Cowtown Clubhouse

Providing opportunities for those living with mental illness to work, learn, and build relationships for meaningful and productive lives.

Company Information

The beginning
A group of parents saw the gap in mental health services in Tarrant County. In November of 2017, they attended a Clubhouse International Developmental Training course then brought the curriculum home to start a Clubhouse in Fort Worth, Texas.

Gaining support
We spent 2 years meeting with stakeholders, community leaders, partners and elected officials to raise awareness of our mission of helping Tarrant County adults.

We opened our doors as Tarrant County Clubhouse on October 1, 2019.

We attended a 2-week Clubhouse International Training at Independence Center, a Clubhouse in St. Louis, Missouri in February 2020.

Name change
We changed our name to Cowtown Clubhouse.

Clubhouse Texas
We are grateful to have the leadership and support provided by Clubhouse Texas, and by San Antonio Clubhouse in particular.

Clubhouse international
We are part of a larger organization. Find out more at

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