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Transforming the lives of teen moms.
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Alley’s House Mission:

Transforming the lives of teen moms.

Alley’s House is a powerful support system for teen moms to focus on their personal and professional goals as they work toward independence. We provide a nurturing, stable environment to help young mothers overcome obstacles and become thriving women.


Alley’s House exists to fully transform the lives of teen moms and their children. We offer a holistic life changing program fostering emotional wellness and teaching practical life skills. We provide five pathways to ready our moms for a life of independence and meaning: Counseling, Education, Parenting, Financial Literacy and Job Readiness.

Our goals for our moms are to:

  • Break the cycle of dependency on unsupportive systems
  • Foster financial independence
  • Ensure career readiness
  • Teach meaningful and quality parenting
  • Counsel toward mental and emotional health and wellness
  • See each girl empowered to walk into freedom and independence as they move into the world

Why It Matters:

Teaching teen mothers independence empowers them and their children toward success. Comprehensive programs providing support services are shown to:

  • Reduce dependency on government services
  • Reduce likelihood of repeat teen births
  • Decrease health risks
  • Create higher self-worth and personal motivation
  • Break the cycle of poverty and teen pregnancy

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