covid-19 resources for nonprofits

As the initial fervor to adjust to COVID-19 is settling down and we are adapting to life amid a pandemic, we hope this list of resources can be a reference point for you as needs arise.
These organizations have written and gathered helpful articles, guides, templates, webinars, and more for nonprofits based on their expertise. We hope you can find just what you need for the challenges you’re facing in light of COVID-19.

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CNM In The News - Highlights

“Nonprofits want to, and are capable of, achieving greater community impact. But that requires funders to be more investment-oriented by directing their contributions to expertise and tools that will help nonprofits collect the right data and operate efficiently and effectively to achieve meaningful results.”

Opinion: Charitable giving: Are you throwing your money away?
The Dallas Morning News, Feb. 10, 2020 

“We consulted with one nonprofit that claimed its program was effective at reducing teen pregnancy. But once we implemented a plan for data collection and analysis, we found that while the teen pregnancy rate was lower overall, it was actually higher among Hispanic program participants. So, the funding alone had a mixed and limited return, and the data drove the nonprofit to a more effective solution.” 

Letters to the Editor: Don’t overlook the power of data
The Dallas Morning News, May 16, 2018