Content Marketing

By now, you’re well-aware that building your brand and promoting your organization requires posting on social media, sending emails, writing blog posts, and updating your website. But who has the […]

The Art of Conversation

 In today’s world we have so many ways to connect with donors. But, are you truly connecting? It’s the simple art of communication that helps you stand apart in our message filled […]

FAQs on Nonprofit Tax and Financial Management

No matter what your tax and finance experience is, the nonprofit world is unique. In this course, we will discuss FAQs which address the following topics: In-kind donations Restricted and […]

Building a Culture of Philanthropy in Your Organization

A culture of philanthropy is an organizational culture where everyone in an organization understands the importance of philanthropy and has a role in encouraging it. From the receptionist to direct […]

Managing the Development Office

Have you wondered how to build an effective development program and juggle all the infrastructure responsibilities at the same time? There are many roles and competing demands that development staff […]

Nonprofit Budgeting

Budgeting has its challenges but the result is a valuable tool for your not-for-profit. This course will provide you with an understanding of what a budget is, how a budget […]

How to Motivate and Engage Your Board in Fundraising

Engaging and motivating your board is important work that's worth your thought and time. However, working with board members can be intimidating or overwhelming, leaving you unsure of how to […]

A Donor-Centered Approach to Fundraising

Take your knowledge and practice of donor-centered fundraising to a new level. This session provides the backdrop to understand the critical elements of fundraising, cultivation and stewardship and how they […]

You’ve Got The Data, Now What?

Data management and data analysis are two important contributors to program success. This workshop will introduce you to easy and manageable approaches to data management and data analysis. In this […]

Strategic Leadership

Beyond managing a donor-centered fundraising program is the leader’s ability to be strategic.  A strategic leader can express a strategic vision for their organization, project or specific area of influence and motivate others to acquire that […]

Message Creation

Message creation is all about finding the perfect words cultivating a distinctive tone that feels like you, your brand, or your organization. It’s about staying true to yourself and your […]

15 Tools for Motivating Your Board

Why are so many volunteers and staff members reluctant to participate in approaching prospects and donors?  How can board chairs, development committee members, nonprofit CEOs and professional fundraising staff lead […]

Public Speaking

Sales pitches, department updates, board meetings, keynote addresses, toasts, or interviews—every public speaking platform is a place to create connections and activate new opportunities. There are many ways to become […]

Planning and Implementing a Major Campaign

Understanding when and how to enter into a major campaign requires careful planning, leadership, and resources. In this session, we will look at all of the variables for planning and […]