Program Coordinator
July 13, 2021
Plano, TX, TX
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Job summary

The Program Coordinator will plan and supervise a wide range of programs for Emily’s Place client families based on Surviving to Thriving principles and planning. The successful candidate will lead programs and work collaboratively with the Leadership team.  The Program Coordinator will identify and schedule outside experts to assist clients, as needed.  This position will promote a positive team environment by working with the Leadership team to approach problem solving in a collaborative manner.

Job description

The Program Coordinator is responsible for the development, delivery and overall success of each client family program, working with the Leadership team on progress and performance.  The goal is to ensure every program will be delivered successfully and add the highest value to Emily’s Place client families. Reporting to the Executive Director, the Program Coordinator will be responsible for the operational success of Emily’s Place programming delivery, quality and evaluation.

Job duties and responsibilities

Programming Development and Implementation


  • In coordination with the Leadership team, develop and plan all programs and activities for clients and their children based on Surviving to Thriving program principles and outline, setting goals and objectives for each.
  • Collaborate with community partners to provide classes and enrichment, including, but not limited to, parenting, driving, computer skills, budgeting.
  • Develop evaluation strategies to monitor performance and determine the need for improvement.
  • Set programming goals according to the strategic objectives of case manager and Leadership team recommendations.
  • Assess and document each client’s progress, successes and needs, presenting program results to Leadership team and Executive Director.
  • Discuss new and creative program ideas with Leadership team.
  • Ensure that programming operations and activities adhere to legal guidelines and internal policies.
  • Track credit hours for each client.


Communication and meetings

  • Create and print calendar of program classes two weeks in advance of the class, post the calendar and sign-up sheets in the Program House, ensuring that clients are signing up and participating in the program classes.
  • Participate in weekly meetings with Leadership team to share information regarding client needs, issues, milestones, etc.
  • Plan upcoming weekly events and programs.
  • Address any client discharge recommendations and issues.
  • Assist with gathering, retaining and preparing needed program documents, metrics, reporting and monitoring.
  • Attends all other staff meetings, trainings and other appropriate meetings and conferences as required.
  • Maintain effective communication with the Executive Director and Leadership team.

Events and Holidays

  • Keep an accurate calendar of all current client and children’s birthdays. Coordinate with moms two months in advance to ensure that the child’s requested birthday gift is ready for the birthday celebration, purchase cake and all decorations.
  • Keep an accurate calendar of events at children’s school or daycare so that all children are prepared to participate.
  • Disseminate calendar of birthdays, events, key dates, activities, etc. to all staff weekly or twice a month.
  • In coordination with the Leadership team, plan, implement, manage and facilitate the following events and holidays:
    • Back to School
    • Valentine’s Day
    • Spring Break activities
    • Easter
    • Mother’s Day
    • Halloween
    • Thanksgiving
    • Christmas
    • Current client’s birthdays
  • Manage Dinner for the Soul, track dates and volunteers who are bringing dinner. Order dinner, as needed.


  • Keep Leadership team and Executive Director informed with detailed and accurate reports.
  • Improve program results by evaluating process, implementing changes.
  • Assist with graduation and post-graduate programming needs.
  • Serve as on-call staff.


  • Experience working independently and with a team.
  • Experience working with structured programs and calendaring.
  • Proficiency working with Sharevision.
  • Strong project and time management skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with exceptional attention to detail.


  • Bachelor’s degree in management, human services, or related field
  • Basic accounting and data management skills
  • Microsoft Suite proficiency (Excel, Outlook, Access, etc.)
  • Organized and detail-oriented.


Application Instructions

Please email resume and letter of interest to with the job title in the subject line.

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