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Turtle Creek Conservancy
September 29, 2021
Dallas, Texas
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Overview: The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Turtle Creek Conservancy and reports to the Board of Directors (“the Board”) and serves at the pleasure of the Board. The President/CEO is responsible to the Board for resource development, fundraising, and broad leadership and management direction of the Turtle Creek Conservancy. Among other duties and responsibilities the President/CEO is responsible for providing the Board with periodic and timely reports on the financial condition of the Turtle Creek Conservancy and on external developments which may influence the organization's mission, programs and planning. The President/CEO provides the leadership and skills to achieve consistent progress of the Board's vision, mission, and financial objectives. The President/CEO recommends, implements, and maintains Board approved policies, procedures, and management systems to ensure their success. The President/CEO serves as the chief spokesperson for the Conservancy and represents it to appropriate outside groups.

The President/CEO acts in a broad way as a visionary, a change agent, a relationship builder, a community creator, and a resource developer and steward. The President/CEO’s primary and most important job is Fund Development through membership development, major gifts development, event fundraising, event underwriting, annual campaigns, capital campaigns, bequests and endowments, foundation and government grants, bond resources, and other appropriate processes to advance the financial and operational growth and stability of The Conservancy.

I. Operations, Programming and Community Relations

This area includes the operations of Turtle Creek Conservancy, events, staff, interaction with the community and volunteers, and other related activities. The President/CEO will:

A) motivate, manage, and inspire staff and volunteers through recognition of work well done, stressing the value of the work of The Conservancy, establishing advancement and growth potential, building trust, setting high standards of performance, letting them know how they fit within the organization, creating an atmosphere of trust and loyalty, creating a workplace environment that makes enjoyable the work of volunteers and staff, and displaying an attitude worthy of inspiration

B) understand the foundation and culture on which The Conservancy was built, and through strategic planning and implementation increase the overall efficiency of the operation of The Conservancy through risk assessment, scenario planning, and reflection on past experiences of The Conservancy

C) with direction from the Board of Directors work closely with all stakeholders involved to review Conservancy goals, recommend change and make approved change happen through carefully thought out plans and goals

D) communicate effectively with staff, volunteers and Board members

E) oversee the general operations of Turtle Creek Park and Arlington Hall, monitor sales and rental of both entities, provide business development support to catering staff, work with Conservancy staff and City of Dallas Parks & Recreation staff to maintain the highest standards of park and building condition

F) create a visible organization by engaging external stakeholders such as clients and families of clients (Arlington Hall), donors and prospective donors, vendors, community and political leaders, landlords, neighbors, and the media through Conservancy sponsored events, marketing processes, public relations, and membership development with measurable processes for assessment

G) build relationships with outside organizations to work effectively toward common goals, and to partner where advantageous and mutually beneficial

H) work with The Conservancy’s Board of Directors to create diversity within the Board, The Conservancy membership, and the larger community constituency

I) be responsible for providing professional development opportunities for staff, and continue his/her own professional development pertinent to his/her duties and responsibilities

II. Board Support and Relations

This area includes direct communication, interaction, development of and assistance to the Board of Directors. The President/CEO will:

A) be a support person to the Board of Directors by having an open line of communication with board members, apprising them of their individual roles and collective responsibility for the overall success and well-being of The Conservancy, and informing board members that it is the Board of Directors that has legal and fiduciary responsibility for The Conservancy and, where appropriate, it is through delegation of powers to their President/CEO that Directors meet their responsibilities to fulfill the mission of The Conservancy

B) be aware of any new trends which might impact the Conservancy’s area of focus and communicate to the Board of Directors

C) provide focus to the mission of The Conservancy through a well-outlined strategic plan approved by the Board of Directors, the content of which reflects the vision for the future of the organization

D) evaluate the strategic planning process to assure that everything is moving forward smoothly and effectively, at both the macro and micro level of The Conservancy’s operations, and in achieving the goals and objectives articulated in the strategic plan

E) recommend, monitor and provide leadership for any changes in the operations of The Conservancy, providing timely monitoring reports to the Board of Directors

III. Development and Fund-Raising:

This is the primary functional area of the President/CEO’s job and includes but is not limited to membership development, major gifts development, event fundraising, annual campaigns, capital campaigns, bequests and endowments, foundation and government grants, bond resources, and other appropriate processes to advance the financial and operational growth and stability of The Conservancy. The President/CEO will:

A) be an effective fund-raiser through various fund-raising streams with measurable processes in place for assessment, and establish and maintain a fund raising and development infrastructure capability to assure up to date, timely record keeping processes and procedures

B) develop relationships with potential donors and nurture previous donors

C) create a case for support, recommending to the Board of Directors fund-raising goals and realistic budgets to achieve those goals, recommending to the Board of Directors fund-raising plans and strategies, i.e. membership solicitations, contributions above membership dues, special appeals, acquisition mailings, special events, annual campaigns or capital campaigns

D) manage The Conservancy openly so as to maintain trustworthiness within the scope of The Conservancy’s sphere of influence

E) avoid any hint of impropriety and demonstrate a personal integrity that fosters confidence within The Conservancy’s operations and as seen by the public

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