Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce
June 4, 2021
14681 Midway Road Suite 200, 14681 Midway Road Suite 200, Texas
Job Type


Reporting Relationships:  Reports directly to the Chair of the Board, the Executive Committee, and Board of Directors.  Also serves as a member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee as Secretary in accordance with bylaws.

Nature of Position:  Full-time, exempt from overtime pay.

Summary:  The President and CEO is the chief executive officer and administrative officer for the Chamber.  This position is expected to provide visionary leadership for the Chamber and the Metrocrest business community and is responsible to the Board of Directors for the full range of activities needed to ensure the Chamber’s success in meeting its objectives in business and community development, external relations, membership and member services, legislative advocacy, and government relations special programs.  The President/CEO is responsible for strategic planning, interpretation of policy, volunteer development and membership growth, the development of the Chamber’s annual Program of Work, organization structure, budget and finances, the employment, development and supervision of future staff and the maintenance of the Chamber’s coworking space.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 
The President/CEO is responsible for the following essential functions:
o Strategic and Operational Planning – In conjunction with the Board of Directors, Chair-Elect, and future staff, develops and implements a strategic, long-range plan, and annual Program of Work to advance the Chamber’s mission.  Through the Chamber staff liaisons, works with Chamber committees to identify issues and needs and develops plans to address them. Evaluates effectiveness and measures progress towards attainment.
o Board Relations – Builds and maintains strong relationships and communications with the Chair of the Board, Executive Committee and Board of Directors.  Provides leadership necessary to garner maximum engagement of Board members.  In conjunction with the Board Chair, plans and organizes Executive Committee and Board meetings.
o Membership Relations, Development, and Retention – In charge of recruiting and retaining new and existing members of the Chamber and is responsible for maintaining the membership at a level needed to ensure the income needed to support the annual Program of Work.
o Provides leadership in membership services to ensure there is a compelling value proposition for current and prospective members.  Works effectively with executives of companies and organizations of all types and sizes across the broad range of Chamber members throughout the Chamber’s market area.  With others, analyzes and interprets the needs of members and recommends revisions to increase membership value, engagement, and financial support.
o Policy Development, Implementation, and Interpretation – Assists the Board in the development of policy, as needed, and is responsible for the execution of policies adopted by the Board.  Responsible for the proper order of business as established in the Chamber’s bylaws.
o Organization Structure, and Procedures – Continuously evaluates the Chamber’s organization structure, policies, and procedures to ensure their effectiveness in identifying and addressing Chamber and community needs and issues.  Recommends changes in structure, procedures, and policies as needed.
o Advocacy and Public Policy – The President/CEO collaborates with the Board and the Chamber’s public policy committee to identify and manage the Chamber’s relationships with advocacy efforts before local, state, and federal government bodies to achieve desired outcomes. Leverages and maximizes the Chamber’s influence through relationships with government officials and building/maintaining strong strategic relations throughout 3 communities and State. Develops and communicates legislative and public affairs positions, as approved by the Board of Directors. Serves as the chief spokesperson on policy matters for the Chamber.
o Program and Services Development – Provides future staff and committees with the tools, guidance, and resources needed to develop new, creative, value-added programs, benefits and services for the membership.  Reviews and evaluates program and benefit proposals to help ensure their effectiveness.
o Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Must demonstrate an understanding of and a commitment to racial, social, and gender equity as well as openness to ideas from a variety of sources and focus on achieving “best in class” outcomes.
o Budget and Finances – Develops annual budget in conjunction with priorities determined by the Board of Directors.  Manages revenues and expenses in accordance with established budget and ensures the preparation of accurate and timely financial statements.
o Volunteer Engagement – Effectively recruit, motivate, and inspire volunteers to be creative and fruitful action. Work in concert with the Board on key volunteer leader identification and training.
o Future Staff Administration – As the Chamber grows and the need for staff arises, builds and maintains a staff consistent with program needs and financial resources.  Is responsible for the employment of all staff members, the assignment of their responsibilities and duties, the supervision of their work and the establishment – within the framework of the approved budget – of the terms of their employment.
o Governing Bodies and Committee Responsibilities – Ensures the preparation of agendas, minutes and performance of duties specifically related to the following governing bodies and committees in accordance with the annual program of work:
o Board of Directors
o Executive Committee
o Finance Committee
o Program of Work committees
o Other committees as assigned

Position Requirements:
o The President and CEO must possess strong interpersonal skills, strong verbal and written communication skills, strong technology skills, financial management and analytical abilities,strong interpersonal and management skills, and the ability to motivate volunteers and staff.
Additional personal qualifications and preferred knowledge, skills, and abilities are listed below.

o He/she should have a bachelor’s degree and/or master’s degree in business administration, public administration, public policy, organizational development, communications, marketing, or related field and have completed the U.S. Chamber’s Institute of Organizational Management (IOM) program, Western Association of Chamber Executives Academy, or had similar non-profit/organization development training.  Previous chamber of commerce executive experience or experience in a senior management position is preferred, but an equivalent combination of education and experience may be substituted.
Additional Professional Qualifications
o Three years or more of experience successfully leading a business, an organization, a non-profit, an initiative, or a campaign.
o Demonstrated experience in creating a distinct business culture and driving change with internal and external stakeholders in the business community or a similar context.
o The ability to have constructive conflict for the greater good, build working coalitions, and advance strategic initiatives that bring local behavioral change to the culture and produce tangible outcomes.
o Demonstrated leadership and management skills that builds and elevates a cohesive and collaborative environment leading to positive change.
o Ability to manage a work schedule that includes attending various meetings and gatherings that occur during early morning hours, late afternoon, and evening hours.
o Proficiency in the use of current workplace technologies.

Preferred Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
o Economic/Business Development – Has worked collaboratively with established public sector delivery systems and private sector resources to effectively promote the economic development of a community or region.
o Collaborative Relationships – Develops partnerships among all business sectors and public agencies.
o Board Relationships – Board development and recruitment, governance issues and Board of Director interactions.
o Political Advocate – Worked or has experience in the practice of taking direct action to influence public policy.
o Government Relations – Develops effective working relationships with elected/appointed officials and their staffs.
o Small Business – Programmatic success of serving small business enterprises and working with entrepreneurs.
o Membership – Track record of membership development, retention, increased value and appropriate expansion.
o Media/Public Relations – Effectively articulates objectives and policy positions to the media and
community at large.
o Fiscal Management – Demonstrated ability to manage financial affairs of an organization.
o Resource Development – Experience with capital campaigns, special events, dues and non-dues revenue campaigns.
o Education and Workforce – Collaboration with K-12 agencies, public/private secondary, technical schools, colleges, and universities.

o Planning – Experience in developing and implementing both operational and strategic plans. Well established as a strategic thinker.
o Varied Industries – Experience working with diverse industries including manufacturing, technology, agriculture, services, public education, institutions of higher education, and healthcare.
o Community/Regional Development – Able to identify both local and regional issues and effectively manage interactions with other regional organizations to achieve common goals.
o Established Contacts – Has regional/national connections with business, government, or site selectors.
o Volunteer Organization Experience – Proven ability to motivate and utilize staff and volunteers.

Confidentiality Within this Search Process
We fully respect, and will honor, the need to keep confidential the information supplied by individuals interested in this position. Chamber representatives, who are engaged in this selection process, will be the only individuals who will have access to information supplied by candidates.

Equality of Opportunity
Our Chamber firmly represents the principles and philosophy of equal opportunity for all individuals, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, creed, disability, or national origin. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Application Instructions

To Apply

Qualified candidates please send cover letter, resume and salary range by June 15, 2021 via email to:

Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce Selection Committee
14681 Midway Road
Addison, TX 75001

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