Family Care Coordinator

Southwest Transplant Alliance
November 8, 2019
Dallas, TX
Job Type


Hospice or palliative care experience preferred.

GENERAL STATEMENT (Summary of Duties and Responsibilities):

The Family Care Coordinator will conduct services related to STA Family Services programs to families of potential organ donors and will follow up through the STA Aftercare Program. The Family Care Coordinator is a dual advocate who responds to potential donor families in a respectful and sensitive manner at all times to ensure the needs of the family are met while advocating for potential recipients in need of transplants. Engages with Clinical and Hospital Services leadership to foster, promote and sustain cross-departmental collaboration in support of optimal outcomes.


Family Care Coordinator 

  1. Bachelor’s degree is preferred in Counseling, Ministry, Social Work or Psychology or equivalent experience working with families in crisis.
  2. Excellent communication skills required. Must have the ability to communicate effectively with all levels of personnel and to represent the organization publicly.
  3. Ability to work both independently and as part of a team required.
  4. Ability to cope with high levels of stress and able to handle a heavy workload.
  5. Ability to travel in light and commercial aircraft or drive his/her personal auto in order to meet all job duties and responsibilities. Current Driver’s License required.


Family Care Coordinator 

  1. Rotates 24-hour call responsibilities with other Family Care team members.
  2. Provides family support and assistance through sensitive and respectful consideration of culture, beliefs, and the grieving process.
  3. Responds to donor hospital referrals on-site and by telephone to provide education and facilitate the referral, donor, or family support process.
  4. Attends Designated Requestor Training annually.
  5. Maintains an acceptable authorization rate as determined by STA Leadership.
  6. Makes a positive presentation regarding the donation process and options with the objective of achieving authorization for donation. Demonstrates the use of essential elements of Dual Advocacy.
  7. Consults with Family on Call (FOC) to obtain guidance prior to approaching a family.
  8. Completes all medical and legal documentation necessary for organ / tissue donors and referrals, demonstrating proficiency in iTransplant.
  9. Consults with clinical Supervisor On-Call (SOC), as needed, to verify medical suitability and provide sequential updates as the case progresses.
  10. Makes contact (huddles) with the attending M.D. and hospital staff, to establish relationships and establish a plan for family interaction.
  11. With the healthcare professionals, keeps the family, informed as to the status of their loved one, explains what is occurring, time frames of events and meets the needs of the families.
  12. Other functions as assigned or required to meet department or organizational need.

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