Executive Director

Cowtown Clubhouse
July 20, 2021
415 May Street, Fort Worth, Texas
Job Type


Position: Executive Director

Time commitment: This is a full-time position

Accountability: The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors

Salary: $70,000-80,000 plus a competitive benefits package


Authority: The Executive Director is authorized by the Board of Directors to act on behalf of the organization, to speak for the organization and to manage the day to-day operations of the Clubhouse. The Executive Director is authorized to enter into contracts and agreements on behalf of the organization.


Responsibility: The Executive Director provides leadership, vision and direction to the Clubhouse community in pursuit of its mission. The Executive Director is responsible for the active recruitment of eligible Clubhouse members from the community, hiring, firing and managing the employees of the Clubhouse, fund development, administering the budget, public relations, contract management, and publicly  representing the mission and vision of the Clubhouse. S/he is responsible for the imaginative implementation of the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs (www.clubhouse-intl.org).


General Duties:


  • Monitor of operations at Cowtown Clubhouse's start-up site in downtown Fort Worth, and work toward opening a fully realized Clubhouse in a permanent


  • Oversight and management of the day-to day operations of the


  • Preparation for and attendance at board meetings, and board committee


  • Coordination of communication between the Clubhouse and members of the


  • Recruitment, hiring, supervision and termination (as needed), of all Clubhouse


  • Successful management of the annual budget development and monitoring process and the ongoing financial activities of the


  • Fund development and fundraising activities for the Clubhouse


  • Public Relations for the


  • Developing and overseeing Transitional and Supported Employment development and Employer Relationships for the
  • Maintaining Clubhouse Accreditation from Clubhouse


  • Timely communication to the Board of Directors and all required organizations of any serious incidents, issues or


  • Providing all required reports and information to government and funding source


  • On an ongoing basis is responsible for ensuring that there is significant and meaningful participation of Clubhouse members in all aspects of the Clubhouse


  • Keeping informed about issues in the general community relevant to the mission and operations of the





  • A university or college degree in human psychology. social work. public administration or related fields.


  • A minimum of three to five years' employment experience with continually increasing responsibilities in a Clubhouse or non-profit service


  • A demonstrable understanding of the International Standards for Clubhouse


  • Excellent writing


  • Ability to work long and varied


  • A willingness to participate in the Comprehensive Clubhouse Training Program at an authorized Clubhouse International Training


  • Ability to work with many kinds of people with varied personalities and

Application Instructions

Send resume to: william.hill@mhmrtc.org

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