Executive Director

Cooke County United Way
November 3, 2020
Gainesville, Texas
Job Type



Position Description:     Executive Director



Position Classification:           Exempt


Works in Conjunction with:   - Board of Directors

- Member Agency Administrators and Volunteer

Community at Large

- United Way of Texas and United Way Worldwide

Accountability:                                               Executive Director is accountable to the Board of Directors through its Executive Committee


Primary Responsibilities:


  • Manage operational and fiscal integrity of the organization within the policies set by the board of directors
  • Serves as the principal professional resource to the Board of Directors
  • Advises in matters of policy formulation, interpretation and implementation
  • Assists the Board of Directors in organizing and developing an effective network of community contacts and volunteers
  • Implement Strategies, execute goals, program objectives, polices and decisions formulated by the Board of Directors for the operation of the Cooke County United Way (CCUW)
  • Monitor budgets and maintain fiscal responsibility
  • Identify community challenges and deliver viable funding solutions with measurable community impact driven results to affect positive change in Cooke County


Specific Areas of Accountability:




  • Implements the purposes of CCUW as stated in the bylaws and the mission statement
  • Performs all powers and duties as stated in the bylaws of CCUW or as assigned by the Board of Directors
  • Develops and reviews policies and procedures for the management of the total organization and its activities
  • Develops and reviews job descriptions for staff
  • Leads succession planning
  • Recruits, hires, and trains staff
  • Informs President, other board members and committee chairs of their responsibilities and assists in accomplishing those responsibilities
  • Arranges CCUW Executive Committee and Board meetings
  • Attends CCUW committee meetings
  • Provides a report of the activities of CCUW together with an appraisal of progress at each board meeting
  • Facilitates orientation of new board members
  • Assimilates information from United Way of Texas and United Way Worldwide that will enhance the mission of CCUW and circulates as appropriate
  • Collaborates with Finance Committee to develop a budget and to manage appropriate investing of funds
  • Assists Treasurer with preparation of financial reports
  • Manages collection, disbursement and accounting of all funds, property, official records and reports
  • Assures the accuracy of all files, correspondence and accounting
  • Assists the accounting firm engaged by CCUW with the audit and with other required financial documentation
  • Supervises staff and performs job evaluations.
  • Recommends to Executive Committee hiring and firing of all personnel.
  • Ensures bylaws and policies are up to date




  • Collaborates with the Campaign Committee to plan, organize and manage the annual fundraising campaign
  • Assist in the development and review of the annual campaign strategy
  • Identifies opportunities for new business development including new major giving donors
  • Assist in the development of donor retention strategies
  • Develops and identifies opportunities for charitable giving for the Legacy Fund
  • Develops campaign promotion materials
  • Solicits underwriters of events and special projects were applicable
  • Offers advice to help ensure the campaign is conducted in a professional manner
  • Reports campaign progress to Board of Directors, Campaign Cabinet and media
  • Organizes workplace campaign presentations
  • Assist with the planning of all events, including Kick-off & Celebration luncheons and Blitz Day
  • Facilitates the planning and supervision of campaign meetings
  • Shares ideas / programs implemented by United Way of Texas and United Way Worldwide


Fund Distribution


  • Collaborates with the Allocation Committee Chair to plan and, organize allocation program.
  • Oversees the development of the online application and agency overview
  • Assists in recruiting and training Allocation Committee
  • Assures the fund distribution process follows guidelines set forth in the bylaws and policies of CCUW and in the Member Agency Agreement
  • Notifies agencies of funding decisions
  • Implements metrics to determine funding return on investment


Strategic Communications


  • Promotes CCUW image through local media
  • Develop and implement mechanisms to promote United Way year round
  • Develops and maintains a continuous program of public information about CCUW and its funded partners to foster understanding of local human care needs
  • Develops a specific publicity program during the campaign, calling upon board members and other volunteers as necessary
  • Provides Member Agencies with the means to identify with CCUW, including trademarks, logos and United Way signage
  • Cooperates with United Way Worldwide in their branding strategy
  • Coordinates with other United Way organizations as necessary


Community Relations


  • Has a visible profile in the community at community events, including membership in local chamber organizations.
  • Acts as primary liaison between board members, agency personnel, Campaign Committee and the community
  • Develops working relationships with Participating Member Agencies and assists in rendering and maintaining effective health and human services and in achieving a cooperative relationship with each other and CCUW
  • Attend meetings (when possible) called by area agencies, civic & municipal organizations as a collaborative effort, keeping abreast of the health and welfare needs and resources of the county




All employees must understand and comply with the Bylaws and Policies of the Cooke County United Way including but not limited to:


  • Conflict of Interest Statement (completed and signed annually)
  • Code of Ethics Policy
  • Must live is Cooke County

Application Instructions

Submit your cover letter, resume and salary requirements to Amanda Riley, President of the Board at Amanda.riley@4ucu.org.

Must live in Cooke County

No phone calls please

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