Adult Education Manager

Wesley Rankin Community Center
September 3, 2021
3100 Crossman Avenue, Dallas, TX
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The Adult Education Manager is responsible for the structure, systems and implementation of adult/parent education at Wesley-Rankin and community-wide, ensuring the adherence to goals, strategies, and mission of Wesley-Rankin Community Center (WRCC). This position works with the Director of Children’s and Youth Education to provide holistic learning through parent education that both complements the learning of children and youth in Wesley-Rankin programs and also supports the greater learning of West Dallas residents. In addition, the Adult Education Manager oversees the Casa Feliz senior citizens program, providing guidance to speakers, data tracking and staff management.

Job Responsibilities

Work with staff and community to create programs that recognize and respond to the unique needs of the community and further develop a multi-generational continuum of care through education.

Adult Education

  • Using surveys, conversations and current events, assess and research educational needs of West Dallas adults and parents to best provide education.
  • Cultivate new and existing partnerships to provide program development.
  • Reengage prior class participants and recruit new adults/parents to engage in learning programs onsite at WRCC and in local schools
  • Plan and implement adult learning through classes and workshops at Wesley-Rankin (Adult Academy) and at local schools to align parent education/engagement with children and youth education.
  • Create, distribute and utilize forms and processes associated with program enrollment, class rosters, calendars and parent
  • Plan, implement and guide the programming and vision for the Leadership Council, a group of Wesley-Rankin parent advocates. Document process and systems for possible replicable model.
  • Maintain consistent and accurate tracking of participant data, attendance, surveys, incentive programs and other metrics.

Senior Citizen Education

  • Provide program and staff management for Senior Education Coordinator(s)-Associate(s) to maintain fair, high-quality program implementation that reflects the needs of our population and Wesley-Rankin values.
  • Be a consistent presence in the program to build relationships and best assess needs of this population. 

Community Programming

  • Work with Executive Director to develop and implement community projects, programs and workshops that support the agency’s mission of filling gaps in access to education and resources, based on real-time neighborhood needs.
  • Cultivate relationships with community, program participants, and current/future program partners to strengthen agency recognition and education efforts.
  • Attend community meetings as needed.


Requirements for the Position:

  • Excellent communication, frequent public speaking.
  • Multi-tasking, attention to detail.
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English).
  • Management experience.
  • West Dallas experience/knowledge preferred.

Application Instructions

Interested applicants please email a resume to Shellie Ross, Executive Director, at or call 214.742.6674 x 109.

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