Accounting-Development Assistant

Jewish Family Service of Dallas
March 14, 2019
Addison area, TX-Texas
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Job Summary:

Jewish Family Service (JFS) is currently seeking an experienced Accounting-Development Assistant due to the rapid growth we are experiencing and our reorganization.

Responsibilities include:

  • Prepares weekly Accounts Payable:
  • Checks and codes all expenditure requests.
  • Calculates payment amounts for mileage reimbursement and contract hours.
  • Inputs data into the general ledger.
  • Prints computerized checks and prepares them for distribution.
  • Prepares all manual checks and enter them into computer.
  • Distributes checks.
  • Mails/files/scans checks/invoices.


  • Prepares weekly Accounts Receivable:
  • Prepares check/cash receipts for physical and remote deposit, and posts them to the general ledger.
  • Prepares daily client payment report and reconciles payments weekly/monthly.
  • Updates accounting spreadsheets.
  • Posts credit card receipts to the general ledger at the end of the month.


  • Contributions:
  • Prepares, deposits and posts contributions to the agency accounting program. Assists development manager with copying and data entry.


  • End of month Staff MasterCard payment:
  • Downloads; formats and updates accounting spreadsheet.
  • Receives staff reports and assigns coding to transactions.
  • Enters Cash Disbursements into MIP software for transactions.


  • Daily monitoring and response to four email accounts: JFS personal, Accounts Payable (2 emails), and Financial Assistance.
  • Processes checks for financial assistance.
  • Able to effectively communicate with both vendors and clients regarding account related questions.
  • Provides service that is of the highest standard and is culturally relevant to the clients served.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned by the agency. Gets the mail daily at JFS (reimbursed for mileage).

Qualifications:  High school Diploma required. Two-year college degree or equivalent preferred.  Knowledge of MIP Accounting Software preferred, but not required.

The Controller supervises this position.


Estimated Salary: $35,000-$40,000 depending on experience.

Please submit a letter containing your salary requirements and resume to

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