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To preserve, protect and enhance the Turtle Creek Corridor

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To preserve, protect, and promote the Turtle Creek Corridor...

P3295700[1][1].JPG Beautification
From 17 colorful Flower Beds to 25 heavily landscaped Medians, Turtle Creek Association assures beautiful surroundings year 'round.  We coordinate the beautification of the greenbelts and parklands that border Turtle Creek with Dallas Parks & Recreation Department.  Over $100,000 is invested each year to provide seasonal color and care for the parklands.

  stabilization-wall.jpg Restoration
From pathways to roadways and bridges to benches, Turtle Creek Association invests in critical infrastructure.  Flash-flooding requires erosion control and bank stabilization along Turtle Creek.  Traffic density demands constant restoration of the landscaped medians, which are fully irrigated and maintained.

  019_copy.jpg Preservation
From maintenance of our 87-acre Urban Forest and native wildlife to assurance of our air and water quality, Turtle Creek Association preserves the ecological balance of our Corridor.  We have funded forestation studies and conducted a tree census cataloging over 2,600 trees.  The creek is cleaned semi-annually by Turtle Creek Association volunteers. je-1039.jpg Recreation
From weekend visitors to our neighbors walking their dogs, Turtle Creek Association provides activities for all outdoor enthusiasts.  The preservation of Turtle Creek assures a quality of life for urban dwellers throughout the Corridor and serves as Dallas' official Front Yard.  The importance of the creek and parklands as a key source of recreation becomes more evident as our neighborhood grows in population.

Our Accomplishments

Turtle Creek Association members are leaders in preserving the corridor's natural beauty and developing a vision for the future. Organized over 30 years ago to supplement efforts of the City of Dallas, the Association works to preserve and protect a valuable natural resource for all who drive, walk or jog along Turtle Creek.


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