Texas Pride Impact Funds

Texas Pride Impact Funds inspires giving and investment to secure equitable opportunities that serve and enrich the lives of LGBTQ+ Texans for generations to come.
  • P.O. BOX 66007, HOUSTON TX, Texas
  • November 9, 2021
  • www.txpif.org

Company Information

Texas Pride Impact Funds, founded in 2015, is an LGBTQ+ community foundation for Texas. Our work reflects the dynamic and diverse makeup of our LGBTQ+ communities and is intentionally broad to address their full suite of dreams and needs. Our Core Ideologies center equity and justice in all we do. Furthermore, our Discovery Grantmaking prioritizes a focus on historically under-resourced communities to spur innovation, build grantee capacity and expand access especially in rural and border communities as well as our urban centers.

Our Strategy   TPIF engages and mobilizes donors and funders .

1) in giving to current grantmaking that moves resources to strengthen diverse organizations, projects, and leaders building equitable opportunities for support, advocacy, and community serving every part of the state.

2) in legacy giving [to an endowment] that secures our community’s future funding and capacity well beyond our own lifetime.

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