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St. John's Episcopal School is dedicated to a program of academic excellence designed to train the mind,

strengthen the character, and enrich the spirit of each student in a Christian environment.

At St. John’s Episcopal School, our goal is not to merely prepare your children for the next test, the next

grade, or even their next school. Our goal is to ready our students to surprise us, amaze us, and to help

them find the self-confidence to face each and every hurdle ahead with passion, purpose, and eyes wide

open.  In short, we work every day to instill a love of learning for a lifetime.

We believe a love of learning doesn’t come from sitting in straight rows merely absorbing information.

The true joy of learning comes from identifying problems and discovering solutions. It is messy, vibrant,

and dynamic. And above all, it takes courage – the courage to stand up, speak out, and ask the questions

that only a young mind might think to ask.

At St. John’s our hope is that we don’t just mold great students, but rather that we help develop brave,

inquisitive, imaginative, and kind young boys and girls who are equipped to take on the lessons and

challenges on the road ahead – with joy in their hearts.

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