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We foster philanthropic excellence and trusted partnerships that impact our region’s most pressing issues
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Founded in 1949, Philanthropy Southwest is the most enduring association of grantmakers in the United
States. Our long history means we know how to provide timely information and connect colleagues
across the region to help them thrive and succeed in their work.

PSW is the premier philanthropy serving organization in the southwestern United States, with hundreds
of member organizations across the region. We believe that philanthropy is done best when done
collaboratively and with excellence, and we foster a network across which our members generously help
and support each other. We would like to see philanthropy drive meaningful impact on pressing regional

PSW provides the following core programs and services:
1. Annual Conference – 70 years of convening the region’s grantmakers to learn, connect,
collaborate, and grow
2. Educational Offerings – dozens of local, regional, and online training sessions designed to meet
the professional development needs of our members’ trustees and staff
3. Membership Network – a robust and diverse group of hundreds of grantmaking and
philanthropic organizations, connected to each other, and committed to philanthropic
excellence and impact
4. Research and Resources – a robust resource library, and both primary and secondary research
on issues that are important to our members
5. Policy Advocacy – opportunities to join with peers to advocate for the views and needs of
grantmakers at the local and national level
6. Collaboration-Building – catalyzing of and backbone services for several issue- and geographyfocused
collaborations of grantmakers
7. Peer Networks – creation of and support for affinity groups based on role, geography, etc.

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