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This Senior, full-time position is responsible for the efficient and effective administrative and operational activities of the church and to support the church’s mission statement by creating a professional work environment overseeing the day-to-day operations according to church policies and procedures. This position supervises all the administrative, operational and facilities staff at the church.


Essential Job Functions/Responsibilities Include:

  • Provide Human Resource leadership through oversight and engagement with;
    • Recruiting and onboarding new employees,
    • Administration of employee payroll, benefits administration, employment policies and tax reporting/ legal compliance.
    • Supervise administrative office, facilities and office operations teams.
    • Labor scheduling; minimizing overtime costs while adequately staffing activities as they occur.
    • Coordination with the church’s Staff, Parish Relations Committee on human resources planning and needs.
  • Provide financial stability for the church through oversight and engagement with;
    • Leading the annual and quarterly budget planning and performance activities by ensuring that relevant department budgets are developed/ submitted timely to the Finance Committee and ongoing tracking/ measurement processes are rigorously followed.
    • Efficient operation of financial record keeping and reporting for church income and expenses, which includes meeting monthly with Finance Committee.
    • Stewardship program team and its strategies, initiatives and administration.
    • Review and approve bills to be paid; ensure that program staff reviews budgets/spending.
    • Oversight and execution of the Benevolence and Compassion ministries.
    • Oversee the insurance coverage renewal process annually.
    • Serve as a resource for all legal and business matters of the church.
    • Complete annual conference reports accurately and timely.
    • Manage church member inquiries; assuming the point role for questions about events, donations, ministry account balances or inquiries as they occur.
    • Work with mission groups and mission coordinator to ensure funding and travel needs are met for all trips.
    • The commercial activities related to the Church’s on-campus residences.


  • Provide strategic guidance and support through engagement with;
    • Trustee reports/needs; meeting monthly with the Trustees to discuss facilities work completed, needed, and planned. Coordinating with the Trustees on any refurbishment or new construction.
    • Coordinate with Capital Campaign consultants, Building Committee, Trustees and Architect in any new building or renovation of existing facilities.
  • Provide an efficient and effective operational environment through oversight and engagement with;
    • Supervising the facilities and operational staff and their related activities.
    • Oversight of outside groups; ensuring that groups are adhering to security and Ministry Safe requirements and meeting all obligations.

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