Children’s Advocacy Center for North Texas

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Our Mission:

We empower child abuse victims, their families and our community through education, healing and justice.

About Us:

Children’s Advocacy Center for North Texas and our partners are the front-line responders to reports of child sexual abuse in Denton County and Wise County. We are the only non-profit organization that uses a unified approach to provide education, healing and justice to children, families and our community. We collaborate, educate and coordinate so every child gets the justice and healing they deserve. We coordinate investigations of child abuse and provide therapy, family assistance and prevention education for Denton County and Wise County.

A children’s advocacy center (CAC) is the ONE non-profit to serve as the first stop for children victimized by sexual abuse or severe physical abuse or who have witnessed a violent crime. CACs provide a safe, child-friendly environment where law enforcement, child protective services, prosecution, medical, and mental health professionals can share information and develop effective, coordinated strategies sensitive to the needs of each unique case and child. It is the goal of all local centers to reduce trauma to child abuse victims and their families by offering six core services: Joint Investigation Coordination, Forensic Interviews, Family Advocacy and Victim Support, Trauma-Focused Therapy, Medical Evaluations, and Multi-disciplinary Case Review.

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